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Preventing fatigue related jumping injuries

Dancing past the point of exhaustion is something to be cautious about. Most dancers know the feeling that accompanies a request for one more drill by their teacher towards the end of dance class. Their heart isn’t in it, and according to research, it shows in the quality of their

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Dancers and the need for sleep and adequate rest

We’ve all heard the saying ‘eat, sleep, dance, repeat’ – and it’s honestly the story of every serious dancer’s life. However, if you want to take dance seriously, you need to truly appreciate the first two steps. A nutritious, balanced diet is key to healthy living, and so is sleep/rest.

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You may have already heard the exciting news that READY SET DANCE is coming to Newcastle Dance Academy! If you haven’t heard of READY SET DANCE before, it’s a one hour dance class program for pre-schoolers featuring a combination of styles including; jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, music and lots

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Successful Student Spotlight – Chelsea Potter

We have some more exciting news regarding our lovely dancer, Chelsea. Not only has she been invited to Finals Week at the Australian Ballet School, following her attendance at the Royal Ballet Spring Intensive in Hong Kong earlier this year, she has been added to the Royal Ballet School International Scholars

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