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Alyssa Morgan

Royal Caribbean Cruises, Jupiter Casino

Samantha Knaggs

Moulin Rouge

Hanna Russell

Carnival cruise line

Katrina Head

America & Twisted elements

Emilio Pavan

Australian Ballet School, Qld Ballet Company, English National Ballet

Eliza Magennis

New Zealand Ballet School

Christopher Gerty

New Zealand Ballet School/ San Francisco Ballet, National Ballet of Canada

Toni Ambrogetti

India (Bollywood), Carnival Cruise line

Eugenia Lewis

India (Bollywood), MSC Cruise line

Teaghan Birch

India (Bollywood)

Molly Dawson

Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance – London

Isabella Ostermann

Pre-Professional year Sydney Dance Company, Turnandot with Opera Australia

Kelsey Smith

Pre-Professional year Sydney Dance Company, Aida with Opera Australia.

Adam Loiterton

Pre-Professional year Queensland Ballet Company

Courtney McDonald

Royal New Zealand Ballet School

Sam Packer

Pre-Professional year Queensland Ballet Company, Qld Ballet Company

Bronte Capone

Qld School of Excellence, Melbourne City Ballet

Madeleine Magennis

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Brittany Jayde Duwner

Royal New Zealand Ballet School

Callum Phipps

Royal New Zealand Ballet School

Joshua Ostermann

QLD Ballet academy 2018 & 2019, QLD PPE 2020

Sophie Carathanassis

Sydney Dance PPY 2020

Rebecca Higgins

Moulin Rouge 2019

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